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IVC Filter

The Aegisy™ Vena Cava Filter is designed for percutaneous delivery into inferior vena cava (IVC) via the femoral or jugular approach under fluoroscopy or ultrasound guidance to offer protection from PE by capturing blood clots in DVT patients.

The Aegisy™ Vena Cava Filter can be permanently placed in the IVC for PE prevention or can be removed out of the patient after a period of time (up to and including 14 days) as a retrievable filter.

The Aegisy™ Vena Cava Filter is delivered with an Introducer Kit which contains a 6F Delivery Sheath, a Vessel Dilator, a 4.5F Delivery Cable and a 6F Loader. The Filter is connected with the Delivery Cable and preloaded in the Loader.

Precisely Controlled Release

There is one nut (with screw) respectively at the proximal and the distal end of the filter to allow attachment with the Delivery Cable.

Precise positioning, accurate deployment

Avoid “Jump forward” when released

Outstanding Filtration Capability

Asymmetric lantern design

– A three Y-shaped caudal entry basket

– A six diamond-shaped cranial basket-Filtration only at this layer

– With six struts connecting the two baskets

Large capacity for clot trapping

Transverse symmetry offers great stability of clot trapping

Desirable IVC Patency Rate

Asymmetric configuration-Filtration at only one layer

Minimize the effect to blood flow dynamics after clot capture

Central turbulent shear force enables the blood flow to break the clot apart

Prevent thrombus from spreading in VCF

Maintain desirable long-term IVC patency

Dual Access – Jugular or Femoral

The filter is preloaded for femoral use. Reassemble the device according to IFU before usage in jugular. The length of Introducer sheath is 55cm.

Easy to Retrieve (As Retrievable Filter)

High success rate of retrieval

Retrieving Hook – At the end of caudal basket

Using Snare system for retrieval

Retrieval time – Up to and including 14 days

Retrieve via the femoral vein only

Safe and Reliable

Laser Cut – Fatigue resistant

Highly Biocompatible

6F Delivery System reduces vessel injury

Six securing anchors -Fix filter to vessel wall

Six straight struts-Prevent device from tilting

Low incidence rate of migration or fracture


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